Capoeira For Learning Disabilities

capoeira for Learning disabilities

At Amazonas Arts, we offer a unique and very special activity to enhance the wellbeing and health of participants. 

Amazonas Arts, is a Brighton-based not-for-profit community association that uses Capoeira, a Brazilian art form combining movement, music, and singing, to promote good physical and mental health, increase self-confidence, and aid communication.

In December 2020, Amazonas Arts were awarded funding by the Brighton City Council to deliver " Covid Recovery Resilience for Learning Disabilities group". Amazonas Arts are proud to be working side by side with Amaze Sussex in 2021.

This is a free-for-all project which is designed for everyone who would like to join in. Through 12 weeks, participants will be in social and physical activities. 
As the foundation of the project, Capoeira Angola fundamentally helps to create, Not barriers but a sense of community 
by well-being and Inclusiveness.


Whilst we have experience working with both children and adults with various special needs, our focus is particularly on teenagers and adults with autism and downs syndrome. We have received consistently positive feedback from the organisations we have worked with.

Past clients include:

Laidlaw Education, London 

Half-day workshop with autistic children 8-16 years old.

Take Part Festival, Hove

Taster session at the festival's Out There event.

Care Management Group, Surrey

A performance for adult service-users and their families.

Brazil Arte Academy, Essex

Facilitating a workshop for special needs adults.


Amaze Future Project, Preston Park Brighton

delivering a voluntary capoeira workshop for young people with special educational needs.


"It was a revelation to see some of our shyest and least confident students feel so empowered. An experience described by one of our children as ‘brilliant….one of the best things I’ve ever done’.We highly recommend them!"


We are flexible, open to collaboration and really keen to expand our work to reach people with disabilities. We would be happy to come along and run a free interactive taster session to show you what we do. If you are interested or want to find out more, please do get in touch.