Project Bantu

Amazonas Arts works in partnership with Project Bantu.

Project Bantu was founded by Master Roxinho from Salvador, Bahia - Brazil.


The programme originated in Brazil for homeless youth and young people in Juvenile Justice Centres and has been adapted to fit the needs of young people at risk living in Australia. Young people who participated in the project in Brazil showed considerable improvement in their behavioural and social competence. 

Project Bantu has a proven track record of improving the outcomes for young people who participate in the program and has also been implemented into the mainstream curriculum in many schools in Sydney Australia. 

Master Roxinho a qualified Social worker, has extensive experience in using Capoeira as a social tool. His work is well documented and respected within the social work industry and global Capoeira communities.

Master Roxinho helps the Amazonas Arts team by offering supervision on implementation and best practices for delivering effective projects and programs.

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maracatu cruzeiro do suL

Amazonas Arts works in partnership with Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul.

Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul is a Brighton based drumming, singing and dancing group. Formed in 2007 by Paul Dodd. The group performs styles from the North East of Brazil including Maracatu, Coco, Baiao, Ciranda and Afoxe.

The group performs at parades, festivals, clubs and outdoor events. Along with vibrant costumes and dynamic movement the atmosphere and bass-heavy sound never fail to get people dancing! Artistic and Musical Director Paul Dodd, choreographer Rosaria Gracia and the whole Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul dance and music group showcase the most vibrant rhythms from the North East of Brazil, not failing to get the crowds going.


Amazonas works closely with MCDS to promote our fundraising events and also create the fantastic Samba do Mar band playing traditional music from north east Brazil. 


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