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Our vision is to share the practice of Brazilian music, dance and physical art forms in order to enhance mental wellbeing, physical fitness and social and cultural exchange.

We work in partnership with schools, community groups and workplaces to deliver our vision. We have experience in mainstream schools but also with hard-to-reach groups including teenagers, refugees and asylum seekers, young people with behavioral problems, children and young adults with learning difficulties and mental health capacity.

We channel the uniquely positive effects of Capoeira to deliver anything from one-off tasters to six-month projects. All programmes can be adapted to the needs of the school, organisation or group. 

We are fully DBS-checked and maintain our statutory Child Protection, Equal Opportunities and Health & Safety Policies, safeguard children and young adult.


Capoeira can enrich many elements of the curriculum including Music, PE and PHSE. Our workshops help young people develop resilience, friendship, tolerance and emotional stability through group, partner and individual work in a safe and playful environment. 


We are available for one-off demonstrations and workshops or extended programmes with specific learning outcomes that can be tailored to the style and ethos of your school.

  • Workshops

  • Performances

  • Extended programmes

  • Themed projects

Please download our information pack for more details of our services.

Community Projects

Our key objective is to develop and promote:

  • Social interaction

  • Mental wellbeing

  • Cultural awareness & competence 

  • Empowerment

We are keen to work with community groups, venues and projects and we can provide taster sessions, drop-ins or ongoing programmes. Any project would be tailored to the specific needs of the target community and would be developed through consultation and collaboration. Feedback from users is always encouraged, reflected on and used for ongoing development of the projects.

PEOPLE in SPECIAL educational  NEEDS 

Capoeira's use of movement, percussion music and chorus singing reaches out to everyone and provides much more than a typical sport. It brings special benefits to people with disabilities and developmental disorders:

  • non-verbal communication and interaction

  • self-esteem, achieving the 5 ways to well-being, connect with one another

  • group participation and inclusion


Movements can be adapted to each individual, of whatever physical or intellectual ability, 


We have experience of working with children and adults with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities and autism:



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