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Capoeira Youth  Project

Amazonas Arts delivers its Capoeira program for the communities. Our aim is to engage teenagers and young people in the social setting of Capoeira and live music hosted at Brighton Youth Centre (BYC) on Edward Street. The lessons run by the two Amazonas Arts facilitators on Wednesday 5.30-7pm will include:

  • movement and percussion music

  • social interaction, open mic, and sharing of ideas

  • Healthy snacks

  • Absolutely No Cost for All participants

  • Currently, we are unable to carry on our activities as a result of lacking in staff. As soon as recruitment comes on board, we will be back with Capoeira for youth.

If you would like to book a space or receive more information about this project please contact us through the website or by email.


School Programmes

We run workshops in different schools and educational establishments throughout Brighton & Hove. We are based in East Sussex but are willing to travel to your school.


We are available throughout the year and are developing connections with local schools to establish ongoing projects and programmes with positive outcomes for students and teachers.

If you would like to book us for a workshop or extended programme at your educational establishment please contact us and we can design a package that suits your schools ethos.


Shadow on Concrete Wall

Amazonas arts
August 2022
Community Project with Brighton Table Tennis
At Moulscoomb primary school

This fantastic project Summer Camp which BrightonTable tennis promoted to the community at Moulscoomb primary school in Brighton was fascinating experience for all participants. Doing so, families, artist, teachers, coaches and having a variety of free activities in sports and art, came together to share with children ways of being very active and having fun. 

Amazonas Arts delivered its activities in Capoeira Angola, ensuring that the children would safely learn all aspect of physical movement, increase their self-steem and empowerment. Amazonas Arts adapted all five session of each day during a week project, that every child would be creative, play Capoeira angola moves, play live music, showing respect for each other in class and learn Brazilian Portuguese word through capoeira moves. That was a such great Sucess project!

DSC_1083 - Version 2.jpg



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