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Capoeira Angola for Special Educational Needs in Brighton 2021

There were 12 week of such incredible experiences. The young people demonstrated so much interest in Capoeira Angola fundamental approaches i.e games, physical-movements, percussion music and learning aspect of Afro-Brazilian culture in Capoeira. Every class, there between 8 to 11 people. As for the 12 weeks project Covid 19 restriction was imposed. However, Amazonas arts brilliantly and safely delivered its project with such success along side Amaze Sussex. Everyone enjoyed. In Class, we always started off with body-percussion, percussion music instruments, then body movement, games and social-distancing pair-work. At the end of each session, we had a performance that everyone in class who feel confident enough, would either sing a Capoeira song in Portuguese or demonstrate a few basic sequences of Capoeira Angola moves to the entire class in the centre of the circle which

we call in Capoeira Angola as " Roda". It was so fun and great to see the young people doing so confidently.


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